Avon Anew Clean Brush

Avon Anew Clean Brush cleans 5x better

Avon Anew Clean Brush (currently $24.99 – regularly $40)

Reasons why I love the Avon Anew Clean Brush:

  • The brush bristles are super soft and feel nice on my face
  • The brush bristles are flexible and can reach all the surfaces of your face easily
  • My face feels super smooth after using it
  • The price!  It’s much cheaper than other brushes and in my opinion, a better brush!

I recently made a video comparing the Avon Anew Clean Brush versus the Clarisonic Mia Brush.  You can view the video here, but here is my recap:

  • The Clarisonic Mia is fully waterproof, versus the Avon Anew Clean is water-resistant
  • The Avon Anew Clean uses 2 double AA batteries.  The Clarisonic charges with a plug.
  • The brushes are much, much softer on the Avon Anew Clean Brush and therefore don’t aggravate my sensitive skin.
  • The Avon Anew Clean brush leaves my skin feeling softer and smoother.  I don’t get the same with the Clarisonic.

Battle of the Brushes
Battle of the Brushes

Review and comparison between the Clarisonic Mia and the Avon Anew Clean Brush.