Avon Anew Clinical Extra Strength Retexturing Peel

Anew Clinical Retexturizing Peel

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I have a long history with face peels thanks to years of acne problems.  I have had several different types of “professional” peels done at the dermatologist’s office and I’ve also done a few different kinds of at-home facial peels.  And they work.  They don’t feel great, but in the end they work.  They clear up acne, get rid of scars, even skin tone, and erase wrinkles.

So when I saw Avon’s clinical retexturing peel, I was interested.  I was even more intrigued when I read through the hundreds of raving reviews by customers stating this stuff is the best stuff on earth.  I had to try it…

I will preface my review by saying that I regularly use a strong TCA chemical peel.  I got it from amazon and I’ve been using it for years.  It helps mostly with acne and also a bit with wrinkles.  So my skin is used to a strong chemical peel.

When I first used the Anew clinical retexturing peel, I immediately noticed my skin felt softer.  It comes on a little pad and you rub it over your face after washing your face.  The instructions say to do this twice a day, but I would caution first time peel users.  When you start, you should start off slower.  Maybe once every other day, see how your face reacts, then ramp it up to once a day, then finally to twice a day.

After about 2 weeks of using the peel pads, I noticed that the wrinkles around my eyes looks less noticeable.  Now that it’s been almost a month of using, I am also noticing my entire face looks more even and smooth.  I love it!  I have NEVER used a peel that gave this noticeable of results.  And it doesn’t even hurt!  I have nearly burned my face off trying to get these results!  I think the idea is that this peel is not so strong, but you do it every day, so it’s like micro-dosing your face.

What I love about it

  • My skin feels soft and smooth.  When I wash my face, I love the feeling of my skin on my hands!
  • Improved my acne and cleared up a few lingering acne scars.
  • Greatly reduced wrinkles — like nothing I’ve ever used before!
  • My face looks and feels radiant.

what could be improved

This is one product I think needs to come with more instructions or how-to information.  If you don’t know much about peels before using this product, you might be disappointed at first.

How to Use

  • Things might look worse before they look better.  Especially acne.  The peel clears out your pores, so if you have any gunk laying dormant in your pores, it will bring that stuff up to the surface and might cause a temporary acne flare up at first.  Do not stop, keep going!  Give it 2 weeks to see if your skin calms down after all the pores have been cleaned.
  • You might have some peeling skin.  It’s not a very strong peel, so you also might not.  If you don’t, don’t worry – it’s still working.  But, if you do, it’s best to skip on face makeup (foundation, powder) for about a week while your skin peels off the dead layer.  Attempting to wear makeup on your face will look bad.  The peeling will show through and you will be frustrated.  During this time, I recommend just wearing eye makeup.
  • Start off slow.  If your skin is not used to peels, start by only using this product once every other day, then gradually increase to using it twice a day.  The first couple times you might feel a stinging sensation on your face.  Don’t worry.  Leave it on your face for at least 10 minutes, then rinse it with cold water if the sting is too bad.  This will go away as you continue to use it.  Or, want something less strong?  Try the regular strength version.
  • Your skin might be more sensitive to sun, especially when you are starting.  So make sure you have a good moisturizer with SPF in it to go on after your morning application.  Looking for a good one?  I recommend Anew Skinvincible day lotion with SPF 50.




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Avon Anew Clinical Extra Strength Retexturing Peel
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Avon Anew Clinical Extra Strength Retexturing Peel

Avon Anew Clinical Extra Strength Retexturing Peel

Reduces Wrinkles


    Smooth Skin


      Even Color Tone







            • Smooth feeling skin
            • Reduces wrinkles in 2 weeks
            • Evens out skin tone
            • Improves acne & acne scars
            • Cost effective


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