Avon July Brochure – Campaign 16

Avon July Brochure for Campaign 16

I am proud to present the new Campaign 16 Avon July brochure, or catalog, that is available for shopping from July 3rd to July 17, 2017.  That is when the brochure is current, but remember that AVON lets you order from a brochure for up to 2 campaigns back…so you can really order from this particular catalog up until August 14th, 2017.

Shop the AVON July Brochure Online

There are always a few ways you can shop AVON.  Pick the one most convenient to you:

  • You can click here to view the current online brochure and shop by the brochure directly by clicking on the pictures of the items you want.  You can then add the items to your shopping cart.
  • You can visit the AVON webstore to shop through all the available products and pick the items you want.  (The brochure doesn’t have every item AVON offers, so you will find more options and products over a the webstore.)
  • If you are not sure about what product might be best for your skin, you can simply contact me and I can help you find the best product for you.

Or would you like a physical brochure to flip through and pick your item from??  Click here to order a brochure/catalog sent right to your door.

My Faves

The theme for this campaign’s brochure is all about beautiful skin and skincare.  Here are a few of my favorite skincare items offered in the campaign 16 online AVON brochure for July:

Clearskin Deep Pore Cleansing Scrub
on sale for 5.49

Clearskin Deep Pore Cleansing Scrub

In my opinion, this is the best face wash on the market.  It has cleared up my skin better than anything else I have tried. It also makes my face feel refreshed in the morning.   I will be stocking up on it during this sale!


Anew Ultimate Multi-Performance Eye System
on sale for 21.99 (lowest price of this year)



Brightening Sheet Mask with White Pearl Essence
on sale for 24.99


Anew Reversalist Complete Renewal Express Dual Eye System
On Sale for 19.99


Skin So Soft Bug Guard Pluss Gentle Breeze SPF 20 Lotion
On Sale for 6.99

Bug Guard Plus Lotion with SPF 30


I love using this Bug Guard if I am going to be outside in the sun.  It does double duty and protect from the sun and from bugs.




Skin So Soft Bug Guard Aerosol Spray
On Sale for 7.99



While this one doesn’t have the SPF found in the lotion, it has an amazing spell that actually makes me WANT to apply bug spray!


Avon July Brochure - Campaign 16
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Avon July Brochure - Campaign 16
View the Avon July Brochure online and read about my favorite items on sale in this campaign's catalog.