The A Box

the A Box

The A Box came out in the last brochure, so this isn’t the very first A box…but it is the first A box I am excited about!  I think this one is SO beyond worth $10. It includes 3 full sized products and 3 travel products:

  • Full sized Wide Awake Mascara (usually $8)
  • Full Sized Glimmersticks Eye Liner (usually $7)
  • Full Sized Moisture Eye Makeup Remover (usually $6)  **the BEST makeup remover I have found
  • Travel sized Vitamin C (full sized is usually $39 and this sample is about 1/4 of full sized product)
  • Travel sized Platinum Day Cream (usually $12)
  • Travel sized Platinum Night Cream (usually $12)
  • That’s $54.75 worth of product!!

I am going to buy this particular A box because the mascara, eyeliner, and makeup remover are all things I would buy any way…and I have been wanting to try the platinum line to see if I notice a difference between it and the skinvincibles line I am currently using.  So for me, spending $10 on this box is a no-brainer.

The only item in the box I won’t be using is the Vitamin C, and that is because I have found my skin to be sensitive to it.  But since it is a sample size, it would be perfect for anyone else wanting to try it but not sure if they will be sensitive to it.

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the a box by avon