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Who Can Order from What’s New

The What’s New Brochure is exclusive to Avon Representatives.  Only a rep can order from this brochure.  You cannot ask your rep to order for you, she cannot because she is limited (see below).  It is a wonderful perk of being a rep.  If you are a current Avon customer that would like to get the new stuff before anyone else, consider joining Avon as a rep to do your own personal shopping.  There are no requirements for you to sell any amount so Avon is an easy company to join as a personal shopper.

When Can You Order from What’s New

The What’s New Brochure is always 2 campaigns forward.  So in campaign 10, you can preview and purchase items from campaign 12.  (wondering what is a campaign?)  Every What’s New Brochure lets you order from it for a full 2 campaigns.  So, campaign 12’s What’s New can be ordered in campaign 10 AND 11.  This way if you forget something in the first campaign, you can order it the second one.

How Much Can you Order form What’s New

Unlike the regular brochures, there is a limit to how many products a rep can order in the What’s New Brochure.  This is because we are supposed to be purchasing these items to try out on ourselves – not necessarily to resale.  Here is how the limits break down:

  • All reps: limit of 1 per product
  • Presidents Club: limit of 3 per product
  • Honor Society: limit of 5 per product
  • Rose Circle: limit of 10 per product
  • McConnell Club: limit of 15 per product

This limit is per product in the brochure.  So if a new skin care item comes out in the What’s New Brochure, a rep who has not get entered presidents club can only purchase one of the new item.  If the item in the brochure has multiple colors (like a lipstick) then you can purchase one color.

There are also some items in each What’s New Brochure that are unlimited.  These items will usually say “Rep Exclusive” at the top of the page.  You can purchase as many as you like of these items.  These are usually good items to stock up on for creating gift baskets, giveaway prizes, or for events.

What is the Discount Price

The What’s New Brochure shows a discounted price of 40% (except for clothes and living items).  This price is only correct if you place an order over $50.  The exact amount of your What’s New Discount is described in this chart:

Order Size Contender President’s Club & Honor Society Rose Circle & Above Inner Circle
$0 – $49.99 20% + 0% 40% + 5% 45% + 5% 50% + 5%
$50 – $439.99 40% + 0% 40% + 5% 45% + 5% 50% + 5%
$440 – $924.99 40% + 5% 40% + 5% 45% + 5% 50% + 5%
$925 – $1,574.99 40% + 5% 40% + 10% 45% + 5% 50% + 5%
$1,575+ 40% + 5% 40% + 15% 45% + 10% 50% + 5%

the % you see is a rebate percentage that you earn in addition to your discount.

Want to get the latest makeup and skin care before anyone else at a discount?? Lean more about joining Avon.